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Why Choose WordPress?

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WordPress is the Worlds No1 choice of framework to build a website, currently managing millions of websites across the globe. Initially it was created at a platform to build a blog or journal. Popularity drove it on further to make it flexible to develop the most sophisticated website or e-commerce store.

What you can produce using WordPress is endless, it’s only limited by your imagination.

It has an amazing content management system which allows you to easily add pages, images, content and video at the click of a button.

Why choose Nantwich Web Design?

We have a massive amount of experience developing websites using WordPress which we believe makes us the perfect choice for your project.

By choosing Nantwich Web Design we can also help with many other aspects of your website. This includes training, consultancy and SEO, search engine optimisation which helps new and potential clients find your website easily in Google.

WordPress Website Design

We deliver great looking WordPress sites that are not only easy to use, update and edit, but also websites that look amazing.

We can of course give you a website that has the look and feel of a conventional blog site, but many of our clients want this incorporating with a great design and layout too.

You site will look and feel just like an everyday site, with the added benefit of the WordPress flexibility. This will also keep your costs to a minimum.

WordPress blog sites start as low as £99. However, for a more accurate cost its important what you intend to use your site for and what options and features are required.

Please get in touch. You can call on 01270 630061 or visit our contact page for more options.

Great Reasons Why You Should Have A WordPress Website

For those who already know a little about WordPress, you’ll know that it’s packed with features and options that allows us to develop some great websites on it.

Some WordPress Features Include:


WordPress is a 100% web based content management system (CMS). This allows you to add, edit and delete content whenever and wherever you are in the World. The inbuilt options that help you use it as a blog or journal make it just as easy to add new pages too.

Simple to use

For sure, one of the main benefits of using WordPress is the ease of use. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED in building websites or using a back office system.

It opens up the door for lots of businesses to allow many contributors to add and edit pages with ease.

Integrates seamlessly with Social Media platforms

You can easily set up WordPress to post directly to your social media account each time you add something new to your website. You can also integrate social tools on your website which will allow your website visitors to comment and post items on their own profiles directly from your website. Perfect for gaining more exposure from Google and the other search engines.

Video & Audio

Adding video and music to your website usually requires a little technical understanding. This is not necessary with WordPress. It’s as simple as pasting a YouTube link and WordPress will do the rest.

Ongoing Support Directly From WordPress

Unlike a standard static website, the WordPress platform is constantly evolving and is regularly updated. This will enable you will be able to add new document and media types to expand your offering with no great expense in many years to come.

Search Engine Friendly

With all of our WordPress websites we ensure it is set up and made friendly for the search engines, Google in particular.

Just making a few changes with each new post or page you add to your website will make your content more attractive to Google. This in turn will no doubt increase the amount of new visitors to your website.

Please get in touch. You can call on 01270 630061 or visit our contact page for more options.