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Correcting simple page errors will improve your Google presence

Google Page Title Descriptions

Did you know that making a few basic changes to your website will improve your Google listings? The most important being the ‘Page Title’. Without having a simple description of what your page is about, Google will find it difficult to read. You need to make each page as descriptive as possible, a word of advice – keep it under 70 characters.

Get the META right

As with the page title another important element is the ‘Meta Description’, this is simply a more descriptive title for the webpage. Make it as informative as possible and don’t forget to include some relevant keywords for your page. I would advise using a maximum of 160 characters.

A Quick Example

<title>Improve My Google Rank | Google SEO | My Company Name</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”Improve my Google rank will help get you more visitors just by making a few simple changes. Create a descriptive page title and include a good meta description.” />

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